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The Worldchanger x easystaff

The Viennese employment agency easystaff provides client companies with temporary staff. Time lies at the heart of our service. Valuable time is invested in the work we do, and added value is the result. easystaff has joined forces with The Worldchanger organisation to redefine the value of work. From now on, every hour we work will make the world a better place.

easystaff has placed its focus on protecting the Peruvian rainforests, and is planting an extra 3500 trees in Husum – together with environmentalists, 1400 schoolchildren and the Wilderness International organisation. Forests are the lungs of the world, and a single tree can absorb up to 75% of the fine particle emissions in its immediate surroundings. Our employment agency believes it’s important to take our own first pioneering steps, and be a role model for others.

CEO, Gerhard Huber explains: “Getting up in the morning is so much easier knowing we can change the world for the better – every working day.”


Trees bear the history of our times in their rings, and tell us why we should look after the environment.

Every hour a tree lives, it produces oxygen and filtres pollutants out of the atmosphere. Every hour worked by a member of  easystaff ’s team contributes to nature conservation and the protection of our habitat.

Tomorrow’s world can only keep turning, if we give it a push in the right direction today.


To be honest, when I first met Gerhard Huber, I had my doubts. A man in an orange sweater in his mid-fifties; big office, large car – you get the picture.

Suddenly his face lit up with a grin and he began to ask a load of questions. I realised he was genuinely interested. As we faced each other, I asked him a direct question: “How do you see your future, Gerhard?”

He replied without any hesitation: “Quite frankly, Robert, I have no idea – but I’m definitely an optimist! We live in an age in which we are well-informed enough to know what’s good for us, and for the environment, and what isn’t. We want to be role models and show that everyone can do the right thing! I’m very fortunate to be working with young people, talented individuals and fascinating clients.

Tell me how we can get going – and I’m on board!”

I was completely taken aback; that’s how wrong I had been about him. To express it more clearly, I was convinced. We philosophised about the future for another two hours, what we could do – and simply agreed to get started.

I’ve rarely met anyone so inspiring, positive and enthusiastic. Gerhard is both professional and genuinely friendly.

So, what is easystaff?

Well, in a nutshell this meeting told me all I needed to know: “Humanity, courage and enthusiasm is what easystaff is all about.” Robert Laner